For your business to grow online, a strong foundation is needed. A search engine friendly website tailored to your needs and once completed we work towards the desired online exposure and conversions. Benefit from experienced developers who build optimised websites, knowledgeable consultants that draw bulletproof strategies, and a motivated team that executes the project providing the desired online experience. We are an online marketing agency that loves pushing you ahead of the competition.

The digital world has not changed the rules of marketing. It is a great marketing channel with great opportunities that can only be exploited with the right approach and set of strategies. Whether you are a growing start-up or established business that wishes to expand, you need online exposure to hit your targets. It's not all magic. All it takes is creativity, passion, skills, and know-how to get yourself onto the top. Many online marketing agencies have tried, many have failed. Settle for those who know the business, have the expertise and experience, and who love what they are doing. is an online marketing agency that can provide you with online visibility that matters and puts you ahead of the competition.

Online visibility became of crucial importance for many businesses over the past view years. With Smart SEM by you can rest assured that you will be found locally as well as globally. We configure the campaign to your needs so potential clients can find you on top positions within the organic as well as paid search results.

Well constructed SEO campaigns support sustainable online visibility over the long run. Ranking well for relevant keywords in your industry helps you to be found by your target audience, allows you to grow revenue and profit, as well as increase brand equity and reputation within your industry.

Google AdWords, amongst other PPC portals, offers a powerful way to target your audience. To make use of your budget in an effective and efficient manner, these tools offer a range of opportunities and options which in turn can be overwhelming without training and know-how. Only if you know your way around these tools can you maximise return on investment.

Of course, you need a website to help you optimise. It is a foundation, and as with any foundation, you need a solid one. You need a website that is search engine-friendly so that it can effectively perform off-page optimisation; but it should also be user-friendly so that the website not only keeps your users interested but also converts them into your customers. uses the latest advanced technologies to build a powerful platform that enables your business to grow online.

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We are an experienced online marketing agency that takes pleasure in building and optimising websites to increase online visibility, and in employing all these wonderful marketing tools that help you achieve greater exposure online ("Google optimisation", as some may call it). Needless to mention, we optimise for all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and others. For those who have big plans for their businesses, we offer dedicated online marketing packages. Thorough planning, sound strategies and attention to detail will let you discover and exploit new opportunities, grow your trade and eventually achieve your goals. Following a simple step-by-step process, we promote simplicity and ensure transparency throughout every single marketing project. Once you discover the tremendous potential of the World Wide Web and get a first sweet smell of success, you'll get hooked in no-time. Take your venture to the next level. Welcome to a wonderful world of opportunities.

We provide each client with the team that best suits their challenges. This allows the team to follow through on the client’s online projects.

Every challenge in web design and online marketing has its own peculiarities. This is the reason why we choose the most suitable techniques to employ, that are tailored to your needs.

Windhager Zentralheizung GmbH has been working with Windhager Zentralheizung since early spring 2013 and was initially employed to provide guidance from a search engine optimisation and marketing (SEO and SEM) perspective with the release of Windhager’s new website (  The new website had seen alterations in terms of content, URL structure, technology as well as design when comparing to the pre-existing website. One of the first asks by Windhager, post website go live, was therefore a request to at least maintain current rankings. not only kept the rankings, but in addition significantly improved the rankings. As an example, managed to drastically improve multiple major keywords concerning pell ...

Systema Golf Academy

Systema Golf Academy is one of the key golf talent factories in Austria. Since September 2010, an expert team works intensively with junior up-and-coming players on the international level. In the wonderful region of Zell am See, Systema offers s a full-time program for elite up-and-coming golf players in order to propel them from Austrian level to the world top. In order to put the program on a professional footing marketing-wise, a concept of an internationally-oriented academy was developed. The goal is to attract young up-and-coming players from all over the world to participate in the program. To this end, was asked to ...

PA Systems

PA Systems stands for the sales, distribution, and production of precision climate-control solutions, a complete-system supplier of physical safety in data centers, manufacturing, medical technology, laboratory research, and specialized applications. Previously known as PA Pichlmüller Apparatebau GmbH, the company is now the leading solutions provider who realizes the most complex of client requirements with consideration of functional safety, reliability, and investment security. As part of a website redesign, intensive online marketing was begun. The potential was clear, particularly with natural search results from Google and a ...