Managed Google AdWords Campaigns | Pay Per Click Optimisation | PPC

Brand awareness and traffic to your site can be considerably increased with the help of PPC campaigns. Typically it involves bidding on keyword phrases that are relevant to your target market. To maximise ROI it is important to bid on the right keywords only. A successful keyword strategy must be drawn up so that is tailored to your business offering to maximise targeted traffic to your site that leads to conversions. We help you to allocate budget efficiently by conducting a detailed keyword research that incorporates volume, trend, location, and suitability.

In 2014, 72% of Google AdWords marketers planned to increase their PPC budgets.

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords.

What is Pay-Per-Click, Cost-Per-Click and AdWords ?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, whilst CPC stands for Cost-Per-Click. Both refer to paid advertising, where the advertiser only pays if a visitor clicks the ad. Google AdWords is perhaps one of the more famous PPC platforms. The great benefit of PPC is that it can target audience, location and instantly communicate current and new information.

How does Pay-Per-Click and Google AdWords optimisation work ?

Maximise your Return on Advertise Spending (ROAS) with an optimised PPC campaign. Google AdWords, for example, does not only take bit offered by advertisers under consideration, but also quality of advertisements, content, and site. So reduce your budget and submit optimised ads only.

Why do you need professionally-managed PPC, CPC and AdWord campaigns?

Google AdWords, amongst other PPC portals, offer a powerful way to target your audience. To make use of your Budget in an effective and efficient manner, these tools offer a range of opportunities and options, which in turn can be overwhelming without training and know-how. Only if you know your way around these tools can you maximise return on investment.

PPC campaigns can easily be improved or adjusted and allow the testing of several campaigns, keywords and markets.

The business case for Pay-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Click | PPC | CPC

Compared to SEO, which should be essential to any business that has an online presence and a desire to grow it’s business and brand, PPC isn’t always the best choice, especially when budgets are tight. The bottom line is, if an AdWords campaign or any other form of PPC and CPC has potential to make you money, we recommend to go for it. By the way, this is a calculation we can assist you with. Our experts have years of expertise and experience under the belt to evaluate if at all and what kind of PPC campaign you should settle for.

Cost-per-click, pay-per-click or AdWords. Delivering highly targeted traffic fast.

In fact, it delivers so fast you can count the minutes before a rush of visitors come cascading to your website. Once your ad is approved, it will be immediately displayed and viewed by millions of people. Managers of various industries have been increasing Pay-Per-Click and Google AdWords budgets over the past years. It is not surprising as it is a strong tool that can be used stand alone or in conjunction with SEO in form of an SEM campaign. PPC campaigns have become standard in industries with high customer lifetime values, high margins, and seasonal or event-based value. Some industries can afford to spend quite a bit acquiring new leads and customers because the lifetime value of a new client is so high. Think of doctors, financial advisers, colleges, or perhaps internet providers. Sometimes it’s not about “lifetime value” so much as the high margins on a single purchase. For example lawyers and handymen for major repair jobs. Of course, PPC becomes invaluable for product launches!

PPC delivers highly-targeted traffic

Although a well-planned and executed SEO campaign targets a specific audience and attracts targeted traffic, it probably will never be as targeted as PPC can be. Many PPC platforms, such as Google AdWords, Facebook or even Bing Ads, will allow you to promote to the age, range, gender down to details such as income bracket. If a company is selling a newly released sports equipment, the company is advised to use PPC to ensure that active people who are interested in sport see the ad. This makes proper sense, and it is something we would love to plan and execute for you.

PPC is capable of promoting time-sensitive offers

Clearly, events with express dates are prime examples that make promotion a race against time. Traditional search engine optimisation would produce belated results. Do you need to promote an event that takes place next week, or a product or service offer that expires the day after tomorrow? This is where PPC becomes the right tool to work with. However, maximising return on investment and creating an ad that attracts and converts visitors still require expertise.