Competitor Analysis & Keyword Strategy

A crucial part of any SEM-related activity is the initial competitive analysis which is the process of identifying your targets and providing fundamental input to establish your overall strategy. The output will be an in-depth keyword strategy which is the key to any successful search engine optimisation campaign.

80% of unsuccessful searches lead to keyword refinement.

41% of unsuccessful searches lead to keyword refinement after just the first page.

Keeping it simple!

We turn a complex analysis into an easy to replicate, control, and document workflow that covers all essential activities and factors that must be taken into consideration. We will identify your SEO and PPC competitors, gather potential keywords to target, and assess their level of difficulty.

How will you benefit? will find the best keywords to target for your own situation in the short-, mid-, and long-term in your SEO and PPC process. We filter for the highest relevance, search volume, and probability. You will have a solid keyword strategy to increase relevant traffic and exploit niche keywords you may have not yet considered.

Why working with us?

We have created a unique and tested process that is standardised, yet tailored to each business. Our competitor analysis has helped a number of international businesses in a highly competitive environment to increase the relevant traffic to their sites successfully, and as a result, improve their conversion rate.

Analyse your competition and formulate a strategy that extracts powerful keywords to lead to higher traffic and instant conversion.

Key Performance Indicator Definitions

A key performance indicator is a quantifiable measure a company uses to determine how well it meets the set operational and strategic goals. A business must determine which marketing metrics qualify as their key performance indicators. This is where our experience comes in handy.

We pick the right key performance indicators to achieve your objectives faster and more efficient.

No need for expensive tools!

We introduce you to critical marketing KPIs without the need for expensive tools. Examples of SEO KPIs include Search Engine Traffic Share, traffic driving keywords, branded vs. non-branded traffic, as well as more general ones such as leading source of traffic. Even more complex indicators such as average number of keywords per landing page can be captured with free tools such as Google Analytics. We offer workshops to our clients that teach you how to use these tools effectively so you and your workforce can stay of top of your growth.

How will you benefit from KPI definitions? sets online marketing key performance indicators that are important to help focus on goals. This focus allows a business to stay on task and work on meaningful search engine marketing campaigns that assist in reaching objectives faster.

Why let us help you define your KPIs?

We have been working on a number of challenging SEM & Web Analytics projects all over the world. Our experience will help you choose appropriate KPIs to ensure that you are reaching your objectives. In combination with an SEM campaign, you will be eligible for regular reports and updates. We also assist in reviewing objectives and strategies to make appropriate adjustments to your key KPIs.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

In online marketing a conversion is when a visitor to your website does something you want them to do. It could be signing up for an email newsletter, creating an account, making a purchase, or something else entirely. Having a website that maximises conversion rate is paramount.

100 visitors, 5% buy the product for £1,000 resulting in a revenue of £5,000. Increase your conversation rate by 10% and magically turn it into £15,000.

How we optimise your Conversion Rate? takes a structured and systematic approach to improve the performance of your website. We achieve this with informed insights based on analytics and user feedback, taking advantage of proven methods such as A/B and Multivariate Testing (MVT). Of course our analysis is tied to your very own key performance indicators to obtain your objectives. In short, we take the traffic you already have and make the most of it.

How will you benefit from an increase in Conversion Rate?

Experience high returns for the same amount of visitors, hence lowering your customer acquisition costs (CAC). Profits grow since there is no extra money spent on acquiring new customers. Most importantly, CRO creates momentum by increasing your market share. You end up with more budget for more traffic which leads to more customers who convert. It is a virtual circle!

Why Conversion Rate Optimisation by

We have extensive experience in consulting companies on ways to improve their conversion rates for existing websites. For businesses who wish to build an optimised and search engine friendly website from scratch, we offer web development based on state-of-the-art technology to build websites with optimised and engaging user interfaces and experience to improve your conversion rates.