Search Engine Optimisation | SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of promoting a website's visibility within a search engine’s “un-paid” results page to generate traffic and awareness. Due to the great amount of targeted traffic it can create, SEO is a must for any business who engages in online marketing. Don't mistake SEO for spamming or pure, meaningless link-building. Formulating solid strategies that look at your site from a technical and content perspective, as well as positioning your business in a way that gives you the competitive edge online. Don't be found by anyone - be found by those who care. It is way more than "just link building". If you get the basics right, links will follow naturally. Are you ready to take on the challenge? We'd love to guide you.

Approximately 80 percent of clicks on search engines are clicks on organic search results

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO stands for Search engine Optimisation. The aim of Search Engine Optimisation is to rank well within organic search results of search engines. Most importantly, your business needs to rank well for relevant keywords, such as products or services you offer, in order to increase revenue and support business growth.

How does Search Engine Optimisation work?

Our SEO Process offers technical consultation, intelligent content marketing and quality inbound link generation. In order to deliver a successful SEO campaign, we analyse and optimise your website, analyse and draw lessons from your competitors, and finally, develop strategies to attract high quality links in a natural way.

Why you need search engine optimisation?

Well planned and executed SEO campaigns support sustainable online visibility in the long-run. Ranking well for relevant keywords in your industry helps you to be found by your target audience, allows you to grow revenue and profit, as well as increase brand equity and reputation within your industry.

The top 5 results get 75% of the clicks, whilst only 5% of people get to the second page of Google.

The business case for Search Engine Optimisation | SEO

The internet has become an important marketing tool over the past years. On the one hand, it became faster and with the smartphone it became easily accessible by anyone from almost anywhere. With the rise of the internet, new opportunities arose and businesses reacted by creating their own websites. Even small businesses and start-ups had the chance to get a prime spot on the "virtual high street", introducing their products and services to potentially new customers. With the overwhelming offer and high competition due to the ease of creating a website it became more difficult over time to actually be found by users. Top position for relevant keywords is a must to drive potential customers to your site and keep conversion rates high. Let us draw you a business case for search engine optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation is not a cost, it's an invaluable investment

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an investment that carries a tremendously high return. Anyone who engages in strategic SEO ranks well for one or more specific keywords with high conversion rates. If you cannot yet think of any high earner keywords your business owns, you are most likely leaving a lot of money on the table!

Search Engine Optimisation turns your website into your best salesman

Your website is open 24/7, all year long, and never ‘pulls a sickie’ or reports late for work. An optimised website is like a powerful salesperson that pulls in sales, leads, and opt-ins like clockwork. It is in a way your ‘perfect employee’, who multitasks, tackling thousands of prospects at once.

Search Engine Optimisation brings increased sales with constant marketing costs

SEO will increase your sales, without proportionally increasing your marketing costs. Initials benefits become apparent within a short period of time. Once your online visibility increases, and you rank well for high converting keywords, your sales will increase without proportionately increasing your marketing costs, thereby growing profits exponentially over time. Something no other marketing channel is capable of doing.

Search Engine Optimisation is never too costly

You probably are going to compare several online marketing agencies. Many decision makers are tempted to settle for the least expensive pitch, whilst the most expensive one might have been the better choice. Remember, SEO is not a cost, but an investment that plays a major role in growing your business and therefore a crucial decision. You do not want to leave it to a bunch of amateurs. If gives you €3 for every €1 you give us, how much money are you prepared to invest? In a way, this is what we are doing, giving you more in return. We hope this helps deciding for the right online marketing agency.

Search Engine Optimisation is not the icing on the cake. SEO is fundamental to marketing.

Assuming that you spent a fortune on a website, what good is it if it cannot be found by your potential customers? This should be common sense to any business owner. If you decide not to invest in search engine optimisation, you will most likely lose all the investment that has gone into your website. It is as simple is that, and we trust that you are a smart cookie who makes the right decisions.

SEO is more than just an SEO-friendly CMS

So your IT guy has added a SEO plug-in to your recently developed Wordpress site? We hate to tell you, but a great search engine optimisation demands more than a search engine-friendly content management system. You cannot learn SEO overnight. Whatever plug-ins you install, they will have no noticeable impact on your online visibility. SEO is a bit like heart surgery. If organic search is responsible for more than half of your website’s traffic, you know you had better find an expert to bring it back to live.

SEO is a long-term strategy

Although a search engine optimisation can deliver quick results and can be an effective short-term gain for your business, SEO has one serious advantage over banner ads and other types of cost-per-click campaigns. Compared to other marketing tools with short-term focus, SEO has the power to deliver ongoing return on investment over the long-term. This makes SEO an invaluable asset to anyone's business. A must-have so to speak.