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Systema Golf Academy is one of the key golf talent factories in Austria. Since September 2010, an expert team works intensively with junior up-and-coming players on the international level. In the wonderful region of Zell am See, Systema offers s a full-time program for elite up-and-coming golf players in order to propel them from Austrian level to the world top.

In order to put the program on a professional footing marketing-wise, a concept of an internationally-oriented academy was developed. The goal is to attract young up-and-coming players from all over the world to participate in the program. To this end, was asked to carry out and direct international marketing activities. The central instrument for it is the website

The website was launched in early March of 2015. Nutseo has on-page optimized this website and simultaneously started the off-page activities. The off-page activities are closely linked to social media - if you consider the product and the target group, such approach is very logical.

Systema Golf organic search

In order to be able to execute requests accurately, a detailed keyword analysis was developed and put in place. The continuous monitoring of access numbers and rankings brings results - after just a very short time we could achieve top positions for the relevant keywords (Long Tail and Short Tail)!

Markus Teubner, Systema Golf Academy

„Online marketing is like golf training, one can indeed make a lot of mistakes, but it is still better than doing nothing at all!“ – Markus Teubner, CEO and Head Coach Systema Golf Academy