Building beautifully designed and tailored websites with SEO in mind !

We are not just building beautifully designed websites. We are building stunning websites and customised web applications that are perfectly optimised so they can be found and enjoyed by your existing, potential and future customers. Benefit from a solid solution that adds value and actively helps grow your businesses. We are not just delivering a website, we are delivering a perfectly optimised solution.

Reliable hosting solutions for powerful websites

Apart from building stunning and optimised websites that are capable of attracting and processing new customers, we also offer reliable and affordable hosting options as part of our service. We want you to focus on growing your business and not have to worry about all the technical hocus-pocus. As a one-stop-shop that builds, hosts, and optimises your websites, you benefit from great savings. No more paying third parties for minor changes. Your website is here to generate revenue, not cost you a fortune.

Perfectly On-Page Optimised Websites

We are building stunning websites, that are even more beautiful from the inside. What distinguishes us from the rest is that apart from beautiful design we also place a particular focus on search engine optimisation (SEO) and ensure your site or application achieves the desired conversions. Each of our sites comply with all major search engine guidelines to supply information in a way that search engines understand best. We build upon years of technical and marketing experience in building perfectly optimised pages to ensure maximum online exposure.

Webpages crafted for the Semantic Web

We take optimisation a step further and ensure each of the masterpieces we create takes advantage of the semantic web. You probably have a lot of information on your website. We develop websites that describe your data to establish relationships between types of data. This allows search engines to better interpret and display your data. All our websites are HTML5 ready, and take advantage of technologies such as Vocabulary, MicroData, MicroFormats and RDFa.

A user experience that drives conversions

Not only are we optimising your website to please search engines, we also ensure the optimal user experience (UX). There is little point in being found if your visitors are not sticking around. Let us create a website that has the power of actively converting visitors to customers. Let us turn your web appearance into something special and an integral part of your business.

A website easy to use on any device

As smartphone and tablet adoption rapidly increases, so does the importance of mobile-friendly websites. Mobile sales have already overtaken desktop sales. If SEO is a core component of your digital marketing strategy, having a mobile-friendly website is becoming essential. Since responsive websites have one URL and the same HTML it doesn’t come as a surprise that responsive web design is being recommended and even encouraged by major players like Google.

The right set of tools for the task

There is no point in building a nuclear power plant to supply a single village. Picking or being sold web solutions based on the wrong technology can be costly and harm your search engine marketing efforts. We build solutions that fit your current and future needs. Fast and optimised websites, technologies that allow your website to grow with your business. Avoiding overhead, whilst ensuring scalability and keeping cost at a minimum.

Social Signalling that works

Whilst on-page optimisation and link building strategies remain at the core of any successful search marketing campaign, social marketing has developed into a important signalling tool to search engines. Whilst others simply settle for the common social media channels, our experts evaluate the options and implement social media solutions on your site that work for you.

Strong partners for a strong online appearance. You have the vision, we have the solution.

Good search engine optimisation (SEO) starts with a great website, and this is why we are working with talented and well-established web-design and web-development agencies in Austria and the United Kingdom. A business can no longer afford to have their website developed without SEO in mind, nor can SEO experts ignore the structure and set-up of a website. Beautiful design, great development and smart optimisation will ensure a business to be found online, and keep users engaged and on your site.

Get in touch if you require a new and highly optimised website built from scratch with SEO in mind. We also optimise and look after your current website. We are backed by years of experience and have the right tools, partners and solutions for every project and requirement.

Science Super Crew | UK

The Hoxton-based web technology company has developed into a well-known household name in London. Perhaps one of the few companies that spend day and night developing scalable and highly complex web-solutions whilst not having a corporate website. Science Super Crew consists of a team of highly experienced developers, focusing on frameworks such as Ruby-on-Rails, MEAN, and PHP solutions. If you are dealing with complex search algorithms, tailored mobile applications or demanding server infrastructures, this is the company you are looking for.


Netural | Austria

Netural is a well-established and experienced digital agency located in Linz. is pleased to have a close relationship with one of the leading agencies in the technology industry that has produced a great number of complex yet beautifully executed projects since 1998. Working closely together allows us to complement our core competencies and produce beautiful yet powerful websites that achieve the online visibility they deserve. Netural's core competencies range from traditional web design to scalable and complex solutions, as well as mobile application development.