Hier dreht sich alles um Keyword-strategy

How to create an effective Keyword Strategy

Before you can embark on creating a keyword strategy it is important to do a Keyword Research. Well in fact, both might go hand-in-hand and whilst you are developing the strategy further research must be conducted. Either way, you won't come around the brainstorming session where you sit down with colleagues and put down some general ideas. Once this has been done it is time to draft your first Keyword Strategy.

Tuesday, 10 Mar 2015 | Philipp Moser | SEM | SEO | PPC | KEYWORD-STRATEGY

Importance of a good keyword research

Unfortunately often overlooked when building a website is the keyword research. In fact most websites build today are build with design in mind (which is not necessarily wrong) but the SEO aspect to it is usually being neglected. What is a great looking website worth if no one can find it?

Sunday, 15 Feb 2015 | Philipp Moser | KEYWORD-STRATEGY | SEO | PPC

Why you want to target long-tail keywords

If long-tail keywords are so specific and narrow in focus, why would you optimise towards long-tail keywords? The search volume must be considerably lower compared to one- or two word keywords, right? Well, you are right but there are good reasons to make long-tail keywords part of your keyword strategy.

Wednesday, 22 Oct 2014 | Philipp Moser | SEO | KEYWORD-STRATEGY